Sunday, August 12, 2012

What (Who!) is NonViolent Democracy?

What is our path OUT OF the current paradigm of Global COVERT (Secret, Corporate, Mobster) Government? 

What form of Universal Democracy would enroll, empower, & protect the Elders, the Youth, the Women, the Indigenous, the Poor, the Refugees, the Peoples of the South, the Peoples of the East >> End the Caste System, Break the Chains of the serf, soldier, slave planetwide, indeed Solar-System-wide >> and not (repeat NOT) behead, threaten, the lives of the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the 'Vaticans', the Crown, the Monarchy, the Ruling Class? NOT be a repeat of the French Revolution?

What form of Global Democracy would END the Covert-War Economy of all Nation-States, of the Church-States, of the Crown-States, the Corporate State? Double our Global Economy overnight, and Double it every year henceforward?

What form of All-Inclusive Democracy would return the Rivers, the Forests, Oceans, our once-living Atmosphere, Aquasphere, Mycosphere >> aka our Biosphere, our Divine Living/Breathing Mother Gaia? 

What Planetwide System of Empowerment, of Sovereign-Realization, can recognize the (few!) inherent stages of human growth -- Infant to ~7, Child to ~14, Adolescent to the mid-thirties, Adult/Grown to the mid-fifties, Elder, Senior, Immortal? -- and end the "Hundred Castes" of Subhuman serf-soldier-slaves originally created by the Monarchies, by the City-States, the Church-States, then refined by the Rothschilds, latched onto by the Rockefellers?

A Planetwide Parliament, Direct NonViolent Democracy, of THREE Houses (Three Organs, Three Chakras, Three Minds?) of SoverAnia: 1) Youth or Junior, for study, learning, research, dialog, to innovate and suggest Constitutional Laws of Ethics (Additions and Refinements of the Global Constitution of NonViolence), and Global Programs of Culture and Planetary Rejuvenation, suggest them to/for the: 2) Main Legislative, Adult, House/Body, Which/Whom Enacts Programs, and Derives Additions and Refinements for/to the Global Constitution of NonViolence, subject to review and approval/denial, or refinement/amendment, by the: 3) House of Elders who monitor our global journey of evolution, refinement and application of our Constitution of NonViolence (of the Universal Laws of NonViolence) -- to insure that personal freedom and global nonviolence are increased with every Statutory Amendment, Addition, Refinement -- insure that our global system of Ethics/Justices is NEVER used to target or carry-out any violence against any individual being, group, culture, etc. 

Individuals on the planet are all free to pursue, live, carry-out any lives they wish; any artistry, music, culture, performance, adventure, exploration, science, engineering, evolution, etc. -- as long as no violence is associated with it. Every human individual is empowered as a function of age, as they transition through the stages of learning, growth, self-development, training, wisdom, and responsibility.

Exceptions, to the increase of funding, support, resources, being for those who have transgressed the Ethics, the Constitution of Justice, of NonViolence, and must be dis-empowered, isolated, to the appropriate degree, and given the opportunity to heal, mend, grow, rehabilitate, and renew themselves, and then again join their 'upward' evolutionary participation in the global NVD Democratic Parliamentary track of Juniors, Legislators, Elders.

We, today, as individuals, can make a list of the activities, dreams, pursuits, and goals from our lives -- from our childhoods, from our adolescence, as adults, as elders -- to see/understand when/where they were meaningful works or other contributions to self and culture, honouring and empowering others, returning the life of our Mother Earth, productive and contributing to the community welfare, nonviolent, or endangering or violent, to self and others, whether they were focused on the long-term, or rather short, immediate, needs or wishes, etc. (were they simply drug, hormone, programmed drama driven; or self, spirit, sacred inspirations?)


Perhaps this portraiture will be useful in visualizing the role of social wealth, economic wealth, cultural resources in enabling and maintaining the health & well-being of an infant, a child, adolescent >> and enabling their education, training, matriculation into self & society >> and also demonstrate the need for those resources/wealths unfiltered/unmonitored/uncontrolled by peer/social approval/psychology/programming >> i.e., the most individualistic/artistic/solo personality can grow optimally, and their 'artistic' resources grow with age/ability; WITHOUT community/world approval. 

In addition, for those who DO align in the greater social/community fabric of peers/friends/colleagues >> viz. in reforestation programs/ceremonies/celebrations, or other legislative or collective songs/actions >> they are then supplemented with the resources of those greater bodies whom are carrying out the collective works.

Thus merit AND popularity can be rewarded, without sacrificing individuality, originality, creativity.

The "Fool on the Hill" can become a lookout, and a beacon, for a new world.


A World 'Twained' -- $pook World contrast Spirit World -- the Old allowed to pursue it's program of InterPlanetary and InterStellar Corporate $pook $tate 'evolution' -- and the New, Reborn, Realized Spirit Body of SoverAnia, taking over the Stewardship and Restoration of our BioDivinity, the former BioDiversity, our Biosphere, our Mother, the Pachamama -- and at the same time nurturing the new species of omni-humanity, Rainbow Humans, globally conscious for the first time, globally free for the first time, globally responsible for the first time, globally empowered for the first time ...