Tuesday, October 11, 2011

☆ ❍ctober ₮wain ☆

mother Earth's Divine voice,
her choral Songline, our dreaming,
was never 'lost' ...

we had only, simply, to release our insanity,
give up the sick feeding frenzy, become a clear mirror ...

(banish the cancer-cult music, 'entertainment', maya-speak --
mobster-NWO noise -- from whole ★Heart☆Mind★ ...)

1 comment:

  1. As we both appear to live amidst the untrammelled glory of Mother Nature, where the Divine Plan and reality of the living cosmos is vividly apparent, and gifted with awareness not available to most or many, we need to be aware that many of the so-called '$hills' have no access to the lives, perspectives and insights available to children of the High frontier. Most of the current commentartiat mean well but are thoroughly deluded by the machinations of death cultists; hardly a surprise. Forgive the innocent among them, for they truly know not what they do. All that they can see is lies and their thoughts have been tainted all their lives.
    Patience, friend, and keep up the Great Work!